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Nasogastric Feeding tube to be used as a breastfeeding support device ONLY (Single Use)

This device can be used to support breastfeeding with finger feeding or used as a supplemental nursing system.

75cm Nasogastric Feeding Tube

SKU: 364215375135191
    • Radiopaque stripe
    • Clearly numbered every centimetre
    • Atraumatic tip
    • Open atraumatic rounded distal tip for enhanced flow
    • Male ENFit connector to attach Enteral syringes, extension sets and giving sets
    • Plaster for easy securement to the breast
    • Can be secured to finger to support finger feeding
    • Versatile - the device can be connected to an array of delivery vessels and fluid delivery methods via pump, gravity or slow plunging (as per healthcare professional advice)
    • Sterile packaging
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