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Complete Lactation Aid Kit to support breastfeeding and colostrum collection. 


In most cases you can begin harvesting colostrum from approximatly 37 weeks gestation.  (Please discuss suitability with your healthcare professional or Lactation consultant)

Includes newly improved nursing tubes and Nasogastric feeding to tubes used externally for breastfeeding only. 





Lactation Aid Kit

SKU: 364115376135191
    • 2x    Nursing Tube
    • 2x    Feeding Tube
    • 7x    Syringe Lids
    • 4x   1ml Syringe
    • 3x   3ml Syringe
    • 2x   10ml Syringes
    • 1x    Bottle Bag
    • QR code links to instrutions. 
    • Instructions can also be found here
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