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July , 2017

"Great to have information on breastfeeding face-to-face and have a chance to ask questions and address concerns. I have booked to learn hand expressing at 38 weeks too which I cant wait to try!"

June, 2017

"Excellent! Very useful and I feel less worried about breastfeeding my baby."

August, 2017

"It was extremely beneficial and useful. Despite breastfeeding before, I had forgotten it all."

March, 2017

"My antenatal breastfeeding session was very helpful in answering practical questions about how to combine bottle and breast as I wanted to express for my husband to feed. I was also advised in how to manage milk production alongside the bottle which I felt was really important as I may consider using formula in the future."

May, 2017

"Hand Expressing was amazing, actually seeing the milk I made before Ella was born really gave me the confidence i needed to breastfeed. When she was born I did struggle a little bit because she was very sleepy so I would hand express an little milk to give her and it worked a treat, she would wake up enough to breastfeed!"

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