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Rosebuds Lactation Consultancy Ltd welcomes working collaboratively and interdependently with other members of the health care team from Private and NHS trusts. This is achieved by the IBCLC being contracted out to the desired place of work. 

The IBCLC will also work alongside Parent Related Retail Companies if offering breastfeeding related parent education and teaching women benefits of breastfeeding and how they can achieve their breastfeeding goals. 

Rosebuds Lactation Consultancy believes in the importance of breastfeeding as the primary source of infant nutrition. The IBCLC understands that each case is individual and recognises that this goal may not be possible for every mother. Formula is not promoted as standard practice and the IBCLC does not endorse or work alongside Formula manufacturers.

If you would like to work with collaboratively please fill in the contact form below and Asahela Rose IBCLC will contact you shortly. 

+44 7377 426735

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